83Min, 57Min TV Chanel – ZDF & ARTE
Written, directed, edited by Biene Pilavci & Ayla Gottschlich
Cinematographers : Tan Kurttekin, 
Fatih Pinar, Armin Dierolf, Güray Varol and others
Sound Mixer – Erkal Taskin
Composer – Cornelius Schwehr
Producers – Ayla Gottschlich, Biene Pilavci, Silvana Santamaria
Commissioning Editors – Kathrin Brinkmann (ZDF/ARTE Thema), Burkhard Althoff (ZDF – Das kleine Fernsehspiel)
Co-Production – Biene Pilavci
Production Company – Soilfilms

„Taksim is everywhere, resistance is everywhere.“
Two years ago, in early summer 2013, thousands of mainly younger people from
across all political persuasions demonstrated against the destruction of Gezi Park
in Istanbul. What began as a protest against a construction project quickly turned
into a wider protest against the policies of the Erdogan government. The government
violently suppressed the demonstrations in Gezi Park and near-by Taksim Square.
Biene Pilavci and Ayla Gottschlich, two young German-Turkish filmmakers, happened
to witness the events and shot images, putting themselves at great personal risk. Still,
they decide to stay and continue to follow some of the demonstrators.
Biene Pilavci and Ayla Gottschlich have followed the protagonists of the
democracy movement up to the parliamentary elections of August 2014.
CHRONICLE OF A REVOLT is a is a film about the hope, dreams, fears and the braveness
of young Istanbul citizens who are fighting for a self-determined life. For Erdogan
they are still „Capulcus“ - scum.

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